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 -----Stylo Art Original Fountain Pens ----- Simple and Light       

 Nibs  : Japanese Nibs 
             Pilot 14K :  No.10 14K, No.15 14K or  Pilot No.15 18K

 Nib Tip Size : No.10 14K and 15 14K

                     EF/F/SF/FM/SFM/M/SM// B/PO/FA/WA/SU/BB 
No.15 18K
                       F/ M/ B/ BB 
 Option N point (F, M or B)  

 Material : Natural wood 
                 URUSHI (the barrel and cap are made of ebonite.)

  Ink  : Cartrige and Convertor       

*The price is decided its nib and material.


From the left : 
ASAMA  ASAMA             Taut 

                    AGATSUMA  (AG)


1.ASAMA was named after  Mt.ASAMA.
2.Taut was named after Bluno Taut.
3.AGATSUMA (A.G)was named after AGATSUMA River.
4.SHIRANE was named after Mt.SHIRANE.

5.Piccoli is short type of Taut. 

The sizes are below.

1. ASAMA    Non-posatable   Price: from USD540 dollars

   Overall: about 147mm
   Cap: about 60mm
   Body:137mm (including a nib)
   Barrel: about 15mm
   Weight: 20g~30g
   Nibs: available 14K Pilot No.10 or 15 

*Sizes are approximately.

*Urushi and Maki-e pens are based on Ebonite.

2.Taut    Postable    Price: from USD540 dollars

  Overall: about 137mm
  Cap: about 60mm
 Body: about 127mm (including a nib)
  Barrel: about 15mm
  Weight: 20g~27g
  Nibs: available 14K Pilot No.10 or No.15 

*Sizes are approximately.

3. AGATSUMA     Postable   Price: from USD600 dollars

   Overall: about 141mm
   Cap: about 62mm
   Body:131mm (including a nib)

   Barrel: about 15~15.5mm
   Weight:about 20g~25g
   Nibs: available 14K Pilot No.10 or No.15

 *Sizes are approximately.

4. SHIRANE  Postable   Price: from USD600 dollars

 Overall: about 137mm
   Cap: about 62mm
   Body:127mm (including a nib)
   Barrel: about 15.0mm
   Weight:about 20g~25g
    Nib: available 14K Pilot No.10 

 *Sizes are approximately.


  SHIRANE UrushiI 15 (USD860 dollars) and Kinpaku 15 (USD1100) dollars
      Honshu, Akatame-Nuri, Negoro, Kinpaku

   Overall: about 141mm
   Cap: about 62mm
   Body:131mm (including a nib) Post : 173mm
   Barrel: about 16mm
   Weight:about 24g
   Nib: available 14K Pilot No.15 
 *Sizes are approximately.

SHIRANE Micarta Fukiurushi
 *Sizes are approximately.

5. Piccoli  Postable    Price: from USD540 dollars

 Overall: about 120mm
  Cap: about 60mm
Body: about 110mm (including a nib)

  Barrel: about 15mm
  Weight: 20g~25g
*Nib: only 14K Pilot 

 *Sizes are approximately.

From the left

Piccoli Elabo: Purpleheart (USD590), Palo Sant (USD650) and Shitan (USD590)  
Piccoli Elite: Olive (USD590), Mahogany (USD590) and Satine (USD590)



 Taut  TAMO Japanese Ash (Fuki-Urushi example)

tamo4hon          From the left:    
          Tamo (Ash ) : USD540
          Tamo Fuki- Urushi : USD640

          Tamo Black Urushi & Fuki-Urushi :USD640
          Jindai Tamo  (Buried Ash) :USD770

  *The shipping and handling charge will be added.


             Overall: 147mm
              Cap: 60mm
              Body: 127mm (including a nib)
              Barrel: 15mm
              Weight: 22g
             *Sizes are approximately.

      Nib: 14K Gold Japanese Nib : Pilot No.10 
      Nib size : availabel EF, F, M, B 

       Urushi Works
  I'll smooth out the nib to your liking.    Motoshi KAZUNO


ASAMA  Japanese wood Keyaki   Nib:Pilot 14K No.10     Price:USD650

Taut  Japanese Cherry Nib: Pilot 14K No.10    Price: USD540
Taut reguler

Taut straight


AGATSUMA  Sugi-Kinranmoku    Nib: Pilot 14K No.10     Price: USD770

SHIRANE  Barried Ash (Jinda Tamo) Nib: Pilot 14K No.10     Price: USD830



* If you have a certain material with a certain Pilot nib and nib tip size ,
   please e-mail us for the price.
*The price is decided its model, nib  and material.

Material List 2017 September
Only the Pilot nib is available. (Since January 2018)

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