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  Handmade Fountain Pen & Writing Materials


Handmade fountain pens and writing materials are designed and made by Motoshi Kazuno at Stylo Art Karuizawa. He is a pen maker as well as a wood worker living in the north of Karuizawa in Japan. Most of his pens are made by natural wood such as Kuro-gaki, Yaku-sugi, Ichii,Japanese Cherry wood, Japanese ash, ebony, rosewood, cocobolo, snake wood etc. All of wooden parts are finished with oil and wax. Because of being handmade, the designs and patterns are same but each is unique. Each is designed to take full advantage of their grains. Especially his Ink Dyeing Fuki-urushi fountain pen is the one you have never seen before. 
He also smooths nibs. Please enjoy the smooth nibs.
*Please undersdtand how you treat the wood.

Order from outside JAPAN 

The price in US dollar is the same as the pen show (outside Japan) price. 

Please e-mail us for order and shipping quote.
(name, address, country, telephone number are required )
We will inform you the price for your order.
 It will take about one to six month(s) to send your order if the pen is not in stock. 

*If your shipping address is in Japan, please use our website shopping cart to order. The payment is in JPY and bank tranfer, however transfer handling charge is on your own.

Payment : US dollars

1. PayPal, one of the leading providers of online transactions manage the shopping process. Please refer to their web site for more information.

2.Bank transfer: Transfer handling charge is on your own.

Shipping processing

We will contact you regarding the shipping and handling charges to be placed on your order. Please contact us by e-mail.
After receiving the payment, we will ship your order by EMS (Express Mailing Service by Japan post) or FedEx  from Japan as soon as possible, within 7 days. However, if your order is out of stock it may take one month to six months to fill your order.
Please remember that each pen is handmade.

You will receive an e-mail notification with the tracking number once your order has shipped.
Orders shipped outside Japan may be charged taxes and duties by their customs and are the customer's responsibility. 

Shipping and Handling Charges 

It is decided by its weight, insurance and shipping address etc..

Privacy policy

Your personal information will never be shared by Stylo Art Karuizawa, for any reason.

Return Policy

・All items are non-refundable. 
・We warrant only the first owner of our item on the warranty card.
・We're not responsible for the packages being lost or damaged during transit caused by the shippers.
・Please e-mail us before returning the item(s) We will give you an e-mail notification about returning.

・With problems that are not our defect, we will charge for repairs as  appropriate.

*In case of returning an item *

・ We suggest that all items be returned to us by a shipping method in which you can get a tracking number. If we do not receive a return (or it does not show up in our records as having been received), we cannot send a refund. Adding insurance is highly recommended for your return.
・All shipping charges on returned merchandise are non-refundable. Item(s) must be sent back prepaid in its original package, we can't accept C.O.D.
If the return is due to Stylo Art Karuizawa’s error, the initial shipping fee will be waived. Item(s) must be unused and in the same condition as when it left Stylo Art Karuizawa.

・After inspecting the return intem(s) we will e-mail you.
For more information, please email at Stylo Art Karuizawa.

Stylo Art Karuizawa 

 *Oil and wax finish
*The price is determind by the nib, model and material.  
* Prieces are subject to change without notice.
*Order of Maki-e, Raden-Rankaku, Urushi pens are not available to respect the artisan attitude. We may take an order of our designed Maki-e fountain pens.

* Please let us know the model,material,nib and nib tip size for your order.
* Nib is based upon Pilot No.10 14K, No.15 14K or 18K.
     Nib tip size : 14K Pilot No.10 and 15  EF/F/SF/FM/SFM/M/SM/B/BB/PO/FA/WA/SU/C  
     Nib tip size : 18K Pilot No.15  F/ M/ B/ BB
*Please notice that only the first owner is guaranteed.

Stylo Art Original Fountain Pens
彩雲塗Saiun nuri

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数野 元志<br/>Motoshi KAZUNO 
数野 元志
Motoshi KAZUNO 


SHIPPING 配送・送料について

  • 送料は実費を請求させて頂きます。
  • 60サイズの料金ですので大きさによって変わる場合がありますので予めご了承ください。
  • 下記の時間帯が指定可能です。

  • *お振込みを選択された方で、お届け希望日がある場合は、北海道、九州、沖縄地域の方は前々日3時まで、その他の地域の方は前日3時までに商品代金のお支払いをお願い致します。
  • 実費ご負担頂きます。
  • 対面でお届けし、ポストへの投函は行いません。受領印または署名をいただきます。

  • 料金先払いのみになります。

  • 筆記具使用可

  • 木工品はペンレスト、ペントレイのみ使用可

  • 注意事項*必ずお読み下さい*
  • 運送途中の破損、紛失についての補償限度額は3万円です。

  • 発送後、運送途中の破損、盗難、紛失などのトラブルについてはスティロアート軽井沢 では一切の責任を負いかねますので予めご了承ください。破損や事故の際の全額補償をご希望の方は必ず宅急便をご選択ください。

  • 宅急便と同様お届け日、時間指定可

  • 下記の時間帯が指定可能です。


  • 配送できるサイズについて



  • 送料は実費を請求させて頂きます。

  • ポスト・荷物受け・新聞受けなどに投函・配達します。ポストに入らない場合は、持ち戻ります。

  • 筆記具ボールペン、シャーペン、鉛筆ホルダー 使用可

  • 角形A4サイズ(31.2cm以内×22.8cm)以内に納められ物に限ります。

  • 木工品は使用不可

  • 料金先払いのみ可

  • 注意事項*必ずお読み下さい*
  • 運送途中の破損、紛失についての補償限度額は3,000円です。

  • 発送後、運送途中の破損、盗難、紛失などのトラブルについてはスティロアート軽井沢 では一切の責任を負いかねますので予めご了承ください。確実な受け取り、破損や事故の際の全額補償をご希望の方は必ず宅急便をご選択ください。

  • お届け日、時間指定不可

  • 配送できるサイズと重さ範囲について


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PAYMENT お支払いについて