Fountain Pen ASAMA Maki-e and Chinkin(gilded line engraving) in Wajima 

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Overall: about 147mm 
Cap: about 60mm
Body: about 137mm (including the nib)
Barrel: about 15mm
Weight: about 30g (including a nib and a convertoer) /cap: about 10g 
*The weight and the size is approx.

New Maki-e pens

 SAKASHITA Yoshiharu in Wajima ( a one-of-a-kind )
「Shu Kinrande 朱金襴手」(overglaze enamel and gold decoration type known as Kinran-de)
( shu urushi and kinrande silver)
NIb: Pilot15 14K  Price: USD2400
Nib: Pilot15 18K  Price USD2640


Maki-e by SAKASHITA Yoshiharu in Wajima ( a one-of-a-kind )
「Senmen Shiki  扇面四季」(Fans and four seasons)

NIb: Pilot No.15 14K  Price: USD3000    
Nib: Pilot No.15 18K  Price: USD3240                     


Maki-e and Chinkin in Wajimaya

「Sho Chiku Bai 松竹梅」(Pine, bamboo,and Ume trees) sold (2020.7.16)
Nib : Pilot No.15 
Price : USD2060

「Tombo とんぼ」(Dragonflies) 
Nib : Pilot No.15 
Price : USD1720

「Kingyo 金魚」Gold fish sold 
Nib : Pilot No.15 
Price : USD1720


Cho Chinkn 蝶沈金 (butterflies)
Nib : Pilot No.15
Price : USD1370

Akebono Cho Chinkin 曙蝶沈金 (Akebono nuri and butterflies)
Nib : Pilot No.15
Price : USD19001430

「Matsu ni Tsuru 松に鶴」(Pine trees and Cranes)  in stock
Matsu and Tsuru motif means a long life.
Nib : Pilot No.15 
Price : USD1720

「Hana to Shirasagi 花と白鷺」(A poeny and herons)  in stock
Nib : Pilot No.15 
Price : USD1720

「Sansui 山水」(Landscape)  in stock
Nib : Pilot No.15 
Price : USD1720    

「Ume ni Uguisu 梅にうぐいす」 (Plum tree and Uguisu)  in stock
Ume ni Uguisu (bush warbler) is a common motif in traditonal Japanese painting
and it means perfect match. 

Nib : Pilot No.15
Price : USD1720  (in stock)

「Budo 葡萄」(Vines)   in stock
Budo is one of the Japanese traditonal motives that shows a good relationship,
a prolific growth of a grain crop and good business.
Nib : Pilot No.15
Price : USD1720



「Takisansui 滝山水」 (Falls and landscape)  in stock 
Nib : Pilot No.15
Price : USD1720

「Ryu 龍」(Dragon)  in stock
Nib : Pilot No.15
Price : USD1900

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