ASAMA Wakasa-nuri  by Kabuku 若狭塗

Fountain pen ASAMA  Wakasa-nuri by Mr. KABUKY in Wakasa, Fukui

Colaborative model by Motshi KAZUNO and Mr.KABUKU. 
Nib:  Pilot No.15 14K or 18K
Body: Ebonite

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Nib : Pilot No.15 14K  Price : USD1720
Nib tip size: EF/F/SF/FM/SFM/M/SM// B/PO/FA/WA/SU/BB 
Nib option N point (F,M,B) : USD 140 dollars

Nib : Pilot No.15 18K  Price : USD1960
Nib tip size: F/ M/ B/ BB

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