Fuki-urushi  by Motoshi KAZUNO 

Fuki-urushi (raw urushi that has been partially wiped away immediately after application and repeated more than ten times)
Fuki-urushi is Japanese traditional urushi coating tequnique to show wood grains and used for wooden bowls,chopsticks and plate etc. Fuki-urushi coating also protects from water.

*Inkizome means Ink dying and fountain pen ink is used.
*Japanese urushi is used for Fuki-urushi.

Fuki-urushi pens 
Fountain pen ASAMA Tamo Chijimi-moku (Japanese ash curly)

Nib: Pilot 14K No.15 or No.10
Nib tip size: EF/F/SF/FM/SFM/M/SM// B/PO/FA/WA/SU/BB/C

Pilot No.15 : USD 870 dollars 
Pilot No.10 : USD 750 dollars

Pilot 18K : USD1130 dollars (Nib tip size: F/ M/ B/ BB)


Fountain pen SHIRANE Kurogaki Fuki-urushi 
Nib: Pilot 14K No.15 
Nib tip size: EF/F/SF/FM/SFM/M/SM// B/PO/FA/WA/SU/BB/C
Pilot No.15 : USD 1130 dollars 
Pilot 18K : USD1370 dollars (Nib tip size: F/ M/ B/ BB)


Inkizome-Fukiurushi pens
Fountain pen ASAMA Inkizome / ASAMA / Taut / SHIRANE / AGATSUMA
Nib: Pilot No.10 or No.15 
Nib tip size: EF/F/SF/FM/SFM/M/SM// B/PO/FA/WA/SU/BB 
Price is from USD 770 dollars (No.10) and USD890 dollars (No.15)

from the left 
1. ASAMA Kaede chijimimoku (Japanese Mayple Curly) 2.Hanakaede chijimimoku 3. White oak blue 4.White oak green sold
5. White osk yamabudousold 6.sold
7. Taut  Kaede chijimimoku  
8. SHIRANE Hanakaede 9. Kaede Chijimimoku
10.AGATSUMA Kaede Chijimimoku




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