Stylo Art Karuizawa Original Fountain Pen

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Fountain pen SHIRANE Micarta

SHIRANE Micarta  Pilot No.15  
Price: USD 1050 dollars

1 Moire Micart red
2.Moire Micarta green
3.Light Brown Micarta
4.Burgundy Micarta

5. Emerald Green Micarta
6. Kikujin Micarta
7.Dark Brown Micarta


 Overall: about 137mm
   Cap: about 62mm
   Body:127mm (including a nib)
   Barrel: about 15.5mm~16.0mm
   Weight:about 25g
   *Sizes are approximately.
    Nibs: available 14K Pilot No.15


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数野 元志
Motoshi KAZUNO