Fountain pen ASAMA  Raden-Rankaku in Wajima

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Nib:  Pilot No.15 14K or 18K
Body: Ebonite

Overall: about 152mm 
Cap: about 65mm
Body: about 140mm (including the nib)
Barrel: about 15.5mm
Weight: about 30g (including a nib and a convertoer) /cap: about 10g 
*The weight and the size is approx.

Nib: Pilot15 14K  Price: USD2400 dollars
Nib tip size: EF/F/SF/FM/SFM/M/SM// B/PO/FA/WA/SU/BB 

Nib tip option : N point (F/M/B) by the Nib shaper Mr. Nagahara USD140 dollars

Nib: Pilot15 18K  Price USD2640 dollars
Nib tip size: F/ M/ B/ BB   

ASAMA Rasen (spiral) 

ASAMA Sanrin 三輪 (thee rings: It is said these rings hold the earth. )  konrin=金輪 suirin=水輪  furin=風輪


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